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Sooooo yeah. I didn't just disappear. School has consumed everything in my life, EXCEPT for my new novel, which will be up sometime next summer. It's awesome, I can't wait to show it to you guys!...Once I finish writing it. But I will, 'cause it's personal. :)

Also, I'm totally getting back to Cyborg 009 during the holidays or therein. Which means...maybe sometime this weekend if I get a chance? Maybe something else, depending on how bored I am...man I sure love homework these days. Like, I'm not even joking, it's the saddest thing ever and deserves a tiny violin solo.

Still Alive

Just really busy. Not even getting time to write. No clue when next Cyborg 009 review part will be up - next weekend maybe? IDK, I'm sorry.

I really need to get back to writing, though. I feel so sapped when I don't write...but I almost feel like I'm wasting my time when I do, because my writing is crap and I just don't know how to make it better. Not to mention, I just don't have the computer time these days. Sigh.


Hey guys!

Honestly, I'm still around, and I still want to finish the next part of the Cyborg 009 review...but I've just been really busy lately, y'know? So I'll pop by every now and then, but that's going to have to wait for a while. Even considering how much I love writing it. ;_;

Cyborg 009 - Episode 1 - The Birth (Part 4)

Previous Installments (for those late to the party):

Cyborg 009 - Episode 1 - The Birth (Part 1)
Cyborg 009 - Episode 1 - The Birth (Part 2)
Cyborg 009 - Episode 1 - The Birth (Part 3)

Whew, we're more than halfway through! Thank goodness, because there's only so long you can crawl through an episode to grab screencaps before you get sick of it. XD That said, I'm still enjoying this far more than I should, although I think I might even try to do the later episodes in a single go. Maybe more if I really think it might work out well, but we'll see. Before then, I guess we should get on with the review though.

You know, those robots must have horrible depth perception...Collapse )

Hey guys, gonna come back and triple-spellcheck later tomorrow night, so apologies for any errors. Didn't have time over the weekend, and after such a long wait I just wanted to get something up, y'know? Because of new laws near the place I live, the price for electricity has gone up a ridiculous amount and I'm trying to avoid using the computer during the peak hours 'cause I pay full price.

To conclude, I'll see you guys again when the next part comes up...possibly later this week if I get time?...and until then enjoy Part 4 :)


Now if only I could find time for the bazillion things I need to do...


In other news, Cyborg 009 might (possibly?) be up tomorrow evening. If all goes According To Plan. Which it might not, but I'll give it a go anyways.


Sorry guys

For reasons pretty complicated to explain, I'm not going to be around much for a little bit. At least, as much as I was before, and this is going to slow down the Cyborg 009 review.

I'll try to get it out as soon as possible, but I can't make any promises :(
Previous Installments (for those late to the party):

Cyborg 009 - Episode 1 - The Birth (Part 1)
Cyborg 009 - Episode 1 - The Birth (Part 2)

WHY HELLO THERE AGAIN~! Since I more or less have some free time to kill, and writing this review is pretty much completely killed off my writer's block as well as upped my productivity level fic-wise every time I resume it...I'm back again. That said, this part gave me more a lot more trouble than the others, not from lack of inspiration but from the incredible amounts of exposition I had to work in somehow. This segment was a toughie, I admit, but I got through it in the end. Hopefully there will be a bit less of that in the next installment :) Let's see if we can't pick off where we left before, shall we?

Help! / I need somebody / Help! /I need anybody / Help! /You know I need someone / HE~LP!Collapse )

And that's where I've got to stop! I'll try to get another part up soon to make up for this one being slow in parts, but for the meantime, I hope you enjoyed this. XD

I'm having one of those days

I really shouldn't let something as small as someone dissing on one of my few favourite fandom pairings get me down, let alone make me want to stop writing after I've worked so hard on it. But...the fandom's so small and the pairing's so obscure, I worry no one will want to read it if I ever post it up.

Because apparently I have the emotional fortitude of wet paper, seriously guys I apologize for this, BUT IT BOTHERS ME SO MUCH FOR SOME REASON. BECAUSE APPARENTLY SHIPPING IS SERIOUS BUSINESS

/curls up into a ball and angsts to death. LIKE A PRO.

In any case, how do you guys deal with internet drama? I think my coping skills need work, as you can obviously tell by the melodramatic nature of this post ^^'

Cyborg 009 - Episode 1 - The Birth (Part 2)

Previous Installments (for those late to the party):

Cyborg 009 - Episode 1 - The Birth (Part 1)

Back by popular demand, here's the second installment of the first episode of Cyborg 009...as reviewed by me. In a suitably sarcastic manner, of course. The people have spoken, and since you're supposed to give the people what they want before they form a mob and pry it from your cold, dead fingers...yeah, where was I going with this? Oh who cares anyways, it was probably something pretentious and ego-centric. Hope you enjoy the review!

You guys have no idea how much fun this is to write, for serious...Collapse )

Yup, sorry guys, but this is getting way too long. Tune in next time for part 3, where we finally get introduced to the rest of the cast. I've estimated there should be roughly five parts in total for this episode before we move on to the next, so I'll give it the old college try and attempt to finish it for your viewing pleasure. After that, we'll see where it goes, but so far I'm liking how this whole experiment has turned out. Laters!


Saw Water for Elephants today. Man, was that a tear-jerking movie...but since it was about circuses in the 1930s, I guess I should have expected that. The ending surprised me, as did Robert Pattinson. Apparently he's actually quite a decent actor :)

Got back to writing today, and I'm really excited about finishing my latest fic. I think it'll be really good, and I can only credit that experimental review I did yesterday, which I guess people seem to approve of so I'm definitely continuing. It got me so freaking inspired I don't even know what to do with myself.

So yeah, life is good. Tomorrow's gonna be difficult, but I'll get through that somehow. >.<'

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